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Why We Created Viral Makers

We get it – there is never enough time to produce the kind of high quality, engaging images and videos your social media channels demand, day in, day out. You have to keep your audiences engaged and it’s just, exhausting!

Way back in 2015 – whilst running a successful social media marketing consultancy – our clients understood that they needed to post unique, engaging content regularly to social media, but told us they simply lacked the time or skills needed to keep up with the demands of their content-hungry social media channels.

That gave us an idea for a solution. What if we studied the type of content that regularly goes viral and engages audiences on social media and set out to create unique content based on those super-viral posts for our busy clients?

Whatever their niche, whatever their audience, we could make their business grow exponentially with the right kind of professionally-designed, viral content.

Let Us Do All The Hard Work For You!

We make the whole process of finding content that engages with audiences really easy. No more using guesswork – simply download ready-made, highly engaging content for your niche and post to your social media channels in minutes and start boosting your engagement and growing your audience today!

Sure, you can go over to Canva and spend countless hours designing a few days worth of content, or you could let us do all the homework and hard work and simply download thousands of done-for-you, professionally designed images and videos.

Our content is tried and tested to engage your audience and based on some of the most successful viral posts of the last decade.

High reach statistics

So What Happens When Content Goes Viral?

While there is no guarantee posts will go viral every time, we have seen our professionally researched and designed content increase the odds of going viral massively. We’ve observed consistently that if a piece of content was shared widely on one social media page, it’s likely that same or similar piece of content will go viral on other pages or channels soon after.

That is why we only create content based on posts that have gone viral previously!

The benefits of posting content that can go viral are just huge. You will likely receive a large boost to your audience base, social media reach and brand awareness. If you put a link to your website or business offer in the viral content post itself, you can generate masses of free website traffic…

That’s right – free, organic traffic without spending a penny on expensive social media advertising!

Thought organic traffic was dead? Not a chance! In fact in the last couple of years we have enjoyed our most viral, organic traffic in over a decade of being in the social media consultancy business.

You just need to know what type of engaging content to post! The screenshot below is recent and from 100% free, organic viral Facebook traffic…

Organic viral traffic

We’ve Put Together An Exclusive Deal Just For New Subscribers

As an exclusive, one-time-only deal for our brand new subscribers, we’ve put together a Social Media Viral Mega Bundle providing one year’s worth of done-for-you, ready to post social media content for just $47.

The bundle contains is more than enough content to post every day for more than 365 days!

Being evergreen content means the images and videos provided can be posted on almost any business page or niche and appeal to the widest range of audiences.

The likelihood of these kinds of images and videos going viral and gaining organic followers, shares and traffic to your site or business is very high.

What’s In The Giant Mega Bundle?

Download over 400 social media images and videos – more than 365 days’ worth – for just $47! That’s a fantastic deal for over one year’s worth of professional designed, viral content…

You will receive the 334 Inspiring Quote Pack 1 – Social Media Images Mega Bundle containing hundreds of done-for-you images

56 Evergreen Content Social Media Videos Bundle containing a huge 56 done-for-you social media videos

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Social Media Viral Mega Bundle

Watch your social media engagement and audiences sky rocket with our done-for-you, professionally designed and tried and tested content bundles! You can upload them today or just schedule with your favorite app – Buffer, Post Planner, Edgar, etc.

Finally say goodbye to social media content worries and grab this exclusive, one-time-only offer at a never to be repeated price!